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Space Day

Last month I had the honour of joining some students from the Radcliffe School¬†for a Space Day. This was the first chance to use some of my winnings from I’m A Scientist…

We went about designing a mission to Mars, discussing what we would need and how we might go about it. Before we started, the pupils had to design and name their own space agency logo – meaning that for the rest of the day, they were officially Rad-a-nauts!

The groups tested water rockets to try and get the best launch, and learnt a little rocket science. Then they had to design a payload of their own to go on the rocket – you can see their designs and the finished models below.

I had a blast (ha ha) and the kids were all very smart and on the ball, surprising me with their intelligence (and obsession with taking celebrities on their rocket…). The feedback from them was generally good, most saying the only bad thing was that they didn’t learn enough¬†about rockets!

Stay tuned for the next stage of the project…



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