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I seem to have been subject to quite a bit of serendipity recently.

Writing the literature review for my first year report, I was focussing on the martian atmosphere, what we know, how we know it, the processes going on, things like that. In the meantime, in my OU course (S216 Environmental Science) I was reading up on the Earth’s atmosphere, what we know about it… how we know about it… the processes going on… It didn’t really connect at the time, but started to give an unerring feeling when the assignment for that part of the course involved writing about how variable warming affects weather patterns, while I home I started writing an article on climate change about how… small changes can affect our climate.

But it none of these really sunk in until today. I changed tack with the lit review, starting to look at geology in a bit more detail. The papers I was reading were buzzing with the names of rocks – “hydration of periodite”, “primarily basalt and andesic composition”. Most of this would have made very little sense to me, at least, if I hadn’t spent to morning studying the composition of different igneous rocks like periodite, basalt and andesite…

It’s nothing more than happenstance, I suppose, but I think it shows that I’m on the right track.

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