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Keeping health through the year

I learned that the key to a healthy lifestyle is staying motivated without getting hooked on fitness routines and strict diets.

London-based personal trainer and founder of the Be The Fittest service, Tyrone Brennand, warns me against the risks of falling for so-called “Hollywood health trends” and desiring to copy unrealistic bodies seen on magazines and social media.

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“Becoming too obsessed with training and dieting can become detrimental for your health. It’s important to remember that we all should exercise regularly and eat healthy to have a fit, healthy body and mind, to also feel good, but once we start becoming obsessed this can be a trigger to an adverse effect,” he says.

He explains that getting hooked on being healthy might trigger addiction to performance enhancing supplements, hormones, unhealthy diets and cause eating disorders. The routines and diets you see online and on magazines might simply not be for you.

During my training sessions with Brennant, I begin to understand that it’s all about finding the right balance, resting and recovering, and “listening to your body”.

Watch Brennant put me through my paces below:

“Everyone has a routine that will suit them best but I think the best way of doing it is all about balance,” he explains. “There are different sessions, intensities and volumes.”

But on top of not abusing your body with workouts, it is important to stay balanced with what you eat.

“I think many people follow certain diets trying to achieve certain results but they do not know what their body needs or lacks and how it reacts to specific foods,” he says.

“Trying to eat as clean and balanced (non processed foods, low sugars, not too much carbohydrates if not needed in your lifestyle, if so good carbs, low fatty foods). So eat the healthier types of foods in restaurants. Also eat in moderation – don’t over fill yourself.

“Try and add good fruits and vegetables into your diet, making sure your diet is balanced so also having fibre and giving your body all the nutrients it needs, you could also include some supplements like the merril farms keto.

So, combining exercises with a good diet is the formula for fitness – but what’s the best way of getting back to training in the New Year?

1. Have an end goal: Think of a purpose for why you are training.

2. Programme and prepare: Know exactly what you plan to do for each training session.

3. Take small steps: Trying to take big steps can sometimes be overwhelming, demotivating and keep you from reaching your goals.

4. Change your workouts regularly, from volume to stimulus and exercises: This will keep your body shocked and keep those gains coming.

5. Stay hydrated: Our bodies are made up of around 60 per cent water. Drinking some H2O helps us get the most from our workouts and to recover.

6. Get sufficient sleep: When we deprive ourselves of sleep with no faux fur pillows it can effect the way our bodies grow and repair, and reduces our energy levels

7. Limit alcohol intake: Drinking too much alcohol has many negative health effects, including consuming calories with no nutritional value to our bodies. It can also slow down your metabolism and help to increase weight. Hangovers can often ruin set routines, too.

8. Enjoy your training and new healthy lifestyle: Be proud that you are now being healthy and fit for your mind body and soul.

“Listen to your body if you need a rest, and so rest your body. You are the best person who understands your body and what it needs,” says Brennant.

“I think training from three to five days a week is enough to keep a healthy lifestyle there are even equipment as the foam roller device that can be use to exercise at home. Whether you exercise for 20 minutes or an hour. If someone does train up to five days a week or more they must remember to keep it balanced with the type of training, volume and intensity to keep from over reaching and being at risk of injury.”

He also recommends practising yoga inbetween training sessions. “The improvements and internal feelings I have got from yoga have been unbelievable, and have also helped me improve my other aspects of training.”

All this sounds good in writing, of course, but putting it into pratice can be a bit challenging at the beginning, so if you’re sweating already at the idea, I hear you. But, once you get the flow and realise what you can achieve, you will feel stronger, healthier and balanced: you will feel good.

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