the site of Adam Stevens

When I’m not working I have lots of stuff to keep me occupied.

Scuba Diving

I have been a diver for a few years now. I am currently a BSAC Dive Leader and Open Water Instructor. I have dived all over the south coast of the UK and the Mediterranean with my gear I got from GearByPoseidon.

I am very active in my old university diving club, USSAC, where I have been the Diving Officer for the last two years, the Kit Officer the year before that and the webmaster for three years.


Very little of my time is spent without music. I listen to music almost constantly, enjoying a variety of genres including rock, pop, post-rock, blues, jazz, electronica, classical, punk, folk, hip-hop and others… If you’d like to see what I listen to, check out my page.

I love learning instruments. I taught myself to play the guitar and finished teaching myself piano (I had lessons when I was very little). I would like to learn other instruments but am so busy I have to do it one at a time!


I devour books of all varieties. If you counted, the majority would probably be classed as sci-fi, but I don’t like to pigeonhole myself.

My favourite books are:

Use of Weapons – Iain Banks
Homage to Catalonia – George Orwell
Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace
Mars Trilogy – Kim Stanley Robinson


I also devour films, but not quite in the same way. I like old ones, new ones, strange ones, mainstream ones, and many others in between.

It’s a lot harder to pick my favourite films, but if you forced me, I would have to pick those that have a deeper emotional connection, rather than being the ‘best’ films:

The Princess Bride
The Royal Tenenbaums
Dersu Uzala
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs


My enjoyment of audio visual entertainment goes way past movies. I am a devotee of good television. I tend not to watch very much on the box itself, but if I like a series I will watch it over and over. A few of my favourites are:

The West Wing
The Wire
Band of Brothers
Friday Night Lights


My interests don’t end there. I enjoy many things, but more than anything I generally just enjoy being. I like watching the world go by, whether it is people, plants, animals or just the passing of clouds. Sometimes I take strange photos of things like this, but I wouldn’t really call it a hobby.

I am an information junkie and skitter around the internet like a man possessed when I have time in between everything else. You could say I was a child of wikipedia – my brain works a bit like it (in fact, I have written a thesis that talked about this…)

I like simple things, things that make me happy, and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I like playing with lego and drawing rubbish pictures. I like nice pens and sprinkling sugar on top of my coffee so it turns into a kind of creme brulee. I like the weird cereal mixes you get when you finish a box and start a new one. I like figuring out the origin of words and how they connect to other ones and the fact that etymology is nearly the same as entomology.