the site of Adam Stevens


I’m Adam.

There’s something you should know about me.


Since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in Mars. Growing up, that interest grew with me. Now I am lucky enough to be researching the red planet and hopefully at some point I will join the ranks of academics whose work I have enjoyed reading.

After my degree I trained to be a teacher and worked in schools for a few years. Ever since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the opportunities I’ve had to communicate science. I like working with kids and adults, talking about biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and (obviously) Mars.

Now I take whatever chance I can to do outreach. I organise and deliver my own workshops with local schools and attend events as a STEM ambassador.

In 2012 I won the Space Zone of the March round of I’m A Scientist Get Me Out of Here.

I’m ambitious, but probably not in the way you think. When I do something I try and do it as well as I can. Everything else is gravy.

More than anything, I would like, someday, to watch the sun set while standing on the surface of Mars.

I would like to build my own house and grow my own food.

I would like to dive under antarctic ice and see the northern or southern lights.

I would like, eventually, to do something that people will remember.